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100% All Natural... Grass Fed & Grain Finished – No Hormones Or Antibiotics Ever!

Young Akaushi Heifers

Our American Wagyu Akaushi and Angus Cattle are raised at our farm just a few miles outside Joplin, Missouri. Our beef is 100% All-Natural, grass-fed and grain finished with no hormones or antibiotics… ever! Our selection standards are exceptionally high when it comes to our genetics. We are one the few establishments raising and retailing American Wagyu Akaushi beef in the Midwest... and our farm is a proud member of the American Akaushi Association. 


Mr. Roger Hines and his horse, Question

If you are ever looking for Mr. Roger Hines, owner of our farm in Waco, Missouri… he usually can be found out in the pastures with his cattle. Roger works along side his crew at the farm each day to assure that only the best selection of beef makes it to our meat store. This kind of attention is evident in the cattle raised at our farm. All of our beef is raised humanely, with the best interest of the animal and the environment in mind. This is turn creates a healthier protein for our family… and yours.


Cattle Feeding 

Farm-raised meats have a huge advantage over meat purchased at supermarkets. Farm-raised beef contain higher levels of antioxidants like Vitamin E and beta-carotene, which protect cells from damage due to free radicals. Synthetic hormones are used to make commercially raised cattle grow faster. This results in more meat for beef producers and higher profitability. It surely doesn’t mean healthier, all-natural meat for the consumer!
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